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Cal Bid Brokers was founded with the intent of connecting General Contractors and Developers with qualified Sub-Contractors. Today we have expanded our network to assist in all levels of construction & real estate; from buying & selling, funding,d esign and construction.

What Makes CBB Different?
All of our members must first undergo our pre-qualification stage before membership is appoved. We take the time to establish a  1-on-1 relationship with all members to understand their individual strengths.

How Does This Help?
In knowing our members we are able to recommend the right contractors based off of the clients requests, scope and size of project. We have uniquely catorgirzed our subs based off of skill level, manpower and finanical means. 

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CBB Blueprints for Humanity Donation

Recent Activity (via Linkedin)                                 12/19/11

- New Charity: CBB Blueprints for Humanity Donation

- Just spoke to a national chain restaurant PM and is interested in discussing our network services further to help them connect with qualified GCs!!!! 11 hours ago

-   Assisting Developer with a 12 unit ground up...sub bids are me for more info 11 hrs ago

Just spoke to a GC who has requested us to help with a TI in Burbank thats under construction and another TI in Downey starting in Jan 2012!!! 14 hrs ago

- Congrats to SR Construction for finishing a full restaurant TI in Ventura County as a Sub-GC!!! 14 hrs ago

- Just recieved a request from an Owner / Builder for a concrete sub in LA County.... 14 hrs ago

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